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    R. S. Penney, the "Justice Keepers" and "Desa Kincaid" novelist, on writing with keratoconus, and overcoming despair

    A chat about the origins of Desa Kincaid, my writing process and other stuff to keep you entertained until the next book comes out!

    All your questions answered!


    Desa Kincaid grew up in a nation that valued diversity and scientific inquiry. Ten years ago, she left that nation in pursuit of Radharal Bendarian, a man whose experiments with the mystical art of Field Binding killed over ten people. During her travels, she rescues a pair of young men who wish to marry each other from the bigotries of their backward, little village. Later, they're joined by a fast-talking spy and her magically inclined brother.


    Things get serious when Desa realizes that Bendarian's experiments will unleash a devastating force upon her world.








    After pursuing a criminal through the unknown regions of space, Anna Lenai finds herself on a strangely hospitable world populated by a primitive people. She quickly discovers that this is Earth, the lost homeworld of her ancestors. Anna's mission is to recover an alien symbiont called a Nassai, a creature that grants its host strength, speed and the power to bend the very fabric of space and time.


    The people of Earth are completely unprepared for the dangers lurking beyond the borders of their solar system, and the only thing that can protect them is a young woman from another world.

    Three years ago, Anna Lenai came to Earth and exposed its people to the reality that humans had been living and thriving elsewhere in the galaxy for centuries. Now, Earth wants to join the galactic community.


    Jack Hunter is a young Justice Keeper with a penchant for pissing off his superiors. He smells a rat in his organization, but he can't seem to prove it. Matters get worse for him when a terrorist with advanced weaponry comes to his city with a plan to turn Earth against its neighbours. Can Jack pull it together before the damage is irreversible?



    Something strange is going on in the outer solar system. Transmissions and energy signatures that shouldn't be there. Jack Hunter and Anna Lenai investigate and find a clandestine military operation on one of Jupiter's moons. Worst of all, that secret base holds a prisoner more dangerous than any Justice Keeper...a prisoner who can kill with a thought.


    A young man from the American South finds a piece of alien technology that possesses his body. Anna Lenai goes to Tennessee to protect him from narrow-minded police officers who tend to shoot first and ask questions later.


    Meanwhile, Jack Hunter travels to the distant planet of Leyria in search of a man who can unlock the secrets of this alien technology. Action, drama and politics collide in this latest installment of The Justice Keepers Saga.


    The explosive conclusion to "Season 1" of the Justice Keepers Saga.


    Grecken Slade turns New York City into a war-zone, a gigantic trap with only one purpose: to kill Justice Keepers. Jack Hunter and Harry Carlson search for the mysterious Key, a device that will give Slade unimaginable power, but things take a turn when Harry's life is forever changed by a piece of alien technology. Relationships fall apart; alliances fracture, and all the while, an alien threat lurks on the edges of known space.



    Boy, all that drama was intense!


    Season 2 begins with a story about optimism and hope. Our heroes have moved to Leyria, a world so very much like Earth in terms of its ecosystem and so unlike Earth in terms of its culture.


    Melissa Carlson is a young Justice Keeper in training, a girl with a lot of heart and a lot to prove. She gets in over her head when she goes up against a group of young fascists who are trying to sabotage the city's infrastructure. It's a new world with new dangers and strange political factions.


    Also, one of the biggest mysteries of Season 1 is finally solved!





    The terrorist who almost brought Ottawa to its knees is loose again. It took everything Jack had to stop him last time, and this time, he has the power of a Justice Keeper. Anna has survived killer robots, evil cyborgs and enemies who can kill with a thought, but now she'll have to face something much scarier: her sister's wedding.


    Oh, and we take some time away from the serious analysis of fascism, terrorism and the politics of fear to let you experience the fun of our heroes storming a castle. 'Cause that's just how I roll.




    I grew up in Southern Ontario, where I graduated from Saltfleet High School and then attended McMaster University. I hold a bachelor's degree in mathematics and statistics. I've had any number of jobs over the years, including: classroom teacher, call-centre rep, bank teller, clerk and various forms of retail.


    I knew I wanted to be a writer at the age of fifteen, when I looked at J. Michael Stracynski's Babylon 5 and thought, “I want to do that!” I love layered stories that evolve over multiple books/seasons. My grand space opera eventually became the Justice Keepers Saga.


    If I had to pick a favourite book, it would probably be Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn: the Final Empire. It's a wonderful mix of Pride and Prejudice, Star Wars and Oceans 11. Also, I love his magic systems. I created a similar, physics-based magic system for Desa Kincaid: Bounty Hunter.


    When I'm not writing, I'm usually giving talks on sustainability. I've done several in Toronto, one in Athens and one in Brisbane. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the world. If there's anything else you'd like to know, just ask!

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